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Physical Examination

Athletes must have a current sports qualifying physical exam on file in the Activities Office. Physicals are good for 12 months from the exact date of the last physical.

Once you have your physical completed by a doctor, you can turn it into the Athletic office or you can scan it and submit the completed Physical Forms online.

If you have questions or need assistance with the registration, please address it to:

Angevine Middle School
Athletic Director: 
Megan Weir
Phone: 720-561-7111
Email: megan.weir@bvsd.org
AD Assistant: TBD
Phone: 720-561-7106
Email: TBD

Manhattan Middle School
Athletic Director: Brent Graham
Phone: 720-561-6327
Email: Brent.Graham@bvsd.org
AD Assistant: Marla Flores
Phone: 720-561-6306
Email: Marla.Flores@bvsd.org

Aspen Creek PK-8
Athletic Director: Brian Gonzales
Phone: 720-561-8066
Email: Brian.Gonzales@bvsd.org
AD Assistant: Jennifer S. Dunn
Phone: 720-561-8000

Meadowlark School
Athletic Director: Kathryn Gambardella
Phone: 720-561-5402
Email: kathryn.gambardella@bvsd.org
AD Assistant: Kristin Hanold
Phone: 720-561-5405
Email: Kristin.Hanold@bvsd.org
Broomfield Heights Middle School
Athletic Director: Bryan Graham
Phone: 720-561-8410
Email: bryan.graham@bvsd.org
AD Assistant: Lisa Seelig
Phone: 720-561-8467
Email: Lisa.Seelig@bvsd.org
Monarch PK-8
Athletic Director: Chavonne Gloster
Phone: 720-561-5606
Email: Chavonne.Gloster@bvsd.org
AD Assistant: Wendy Hill
Phone: 720-561-5605
Email: Wendy.Hill@bvsd.org

Casey Middle School
Athletic Director: Hillary Culbertson
Phone: 720-561-2733
Email: hillary.culbertson@bvsd.org
AD Assistant: 
Victoria Santucho-Lopez
Email: victoria.santucho-lo@bvsd.org

Nederland Middle School
Athletic Director: Sean DePaula
Phone: 720-561-4911
Email: Sean.DePaula@bvsd.org
AD Assistant: Janet Turnburke
Phone: 720-561-4907
Email: Janet.Turnburke@bvsd.org
Centennial Middle School
Athletic Director: Weston Steinberg
Phone: 720-561-2042
Email: weston.steinberg@bvsd.org
AD Assistant: Jose Ortiz-Lozano
Phone: 720-561-2004
Platt Middle School
Athletic Director: Khara West
Phone: 720-561-6859
Email: Khara.West@bvsd.org
AD Assistant: Mary Sodano
Phone: 720-561-6862
Email: Mary.Sodano@bvsd.org
Eldorado Middle School
Athletic Director: Carey Williams
Phone: 720-561-4435
Email: Carey.Williams@bvsd.org
AD Assistant: Deth Stalter
Phone: 720-561-4407
Email: Deth.Stalter@bvsd.org
Southern Hills Middle School
Athletic Director: Liz Barcheck
Phone: 720-561-3408
Email: elizabeth.barcheck@bvsd.org
AD Assistant: Emily Sutterer
Phone: 720-561-3406
Email: emily.sutterer@bvsd.org
Louisville Middle School
Athletic Director: Mike Flood
Phone: 720-561-7454
Email: Mike.Flood@bvsd.org
AD Assistant: Treacy Cole
Phone: 720-561-7407
Email: Treacy.Cole@bvsd.org
Summit Middle School
Athletic Director: Joseph Gutierrez
Phone: 720-561-3927
Email: Joseph.Gutierrez@bvsd.org
AD Assistant: Johnna Kremer
Phone: 720-561-3900
Email: johnna.j.kremer@bvsd.org